“Mr. Brooding-Pointy-Fangs” — Weekly Serialization

So, after a week of hiatus, I am happy to announce the continuation of THE SANGUINE SERAPH. I was really bummed about missing last weeks chapter; however, with the artfest and everything going on, it was that or not sleep for a few days. With things finally (sort of) calming down now, I am happy to say everything should be back on schedule…except for the fact that I am having surgery on Monday, so next week might be a toss up.

I also want to take a moment to give some serious kudos to fellow indie authors because the amount of work and effort into advertising, marketing, and socializing that goes into making a book a success is phenomenal. I have serious respect for anyone who under takes the task of indie/self publishing their novel. I mean, I knew there would be a lot of work ahead of me, but wow…just wow. I wish all of my fellow writers the best of luck on their publishing journey and hope things go a bit smoother for them or at least less chaotic! 😁

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the next exciting chapter from THE SANGUINE SERAPH:

“Does that mean…you wish to join the Order?”

“I’m not deciding anything right now, especially that, but if I need to have a vampire bodyguard, then I might as well consider it. It doesn’t seem like the problem of ‘my life being in danger’ is going away anytime soon.” She sat back down on the bed. Only then, she realized she’d never taken off her shoes. She kicked off her boots and relaxed her feet on the soft rug. 

“I suppose we could work on some sort of training regimen until then.”

Kat closed her eyes. “I like the sound of that. Maybe going a few rounds with Mr. Brooding-Pointy-Fangs would help me relax some.”

Excerpt from Chapter Eight: The Sanguine Seraph

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