Book Reviews

Review of COSPLAYED by Laura Maisano:


After reading the first line of the book, I knew I’d love it. This was because I had thought those same words many, many times before. From a young age anime and gaming conventions were a ritualistic part of my life. Picking out costumes, running wild down the dealer room, and posing for pictures from bright-eyed young fans: these have always been the moments con-goers have cherished.

So now, once I found a book that brought that world to life, I couldn’t put it down. Each page was filled with timeless moments spent at con or any of the geekdom that surrounded it. I instantly became enamored with the characters and how they lifted each other higher, and all because, that is the magic of these conventions. We have always known that it’s silly, amazing, and inspiring, but it’s a chance to be ourselves, our best selves, in some form or fashion.

I am ecstatic that someone as talented as Mrs. Maisano brought that geek culture out for the world to enjoy in the form of an adorable novelette.

Check it out now at Amazon!

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