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If you need help during your editing process, be sure to check out this helpful guide!

Title: Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style

Author: Benjamin Dreyer

Length: 320 Pages

Instead of reading my standard fiction book, I decided to go with something that will add to the writing toolbelt.

After reading this book, I felt inspired, rejuvenated, and surprised by either how much I had forgotten or how much has changed since my last grammar class.

So, it has been a while since I’ve read an editing guide and until I researched the author, I wasn’t about to dive into another one of these because let’s face it, how many self-help editing guides come out each year? Yeah…but, as soon as I glanced at the bottom line of the cover, my interest perked up.

That’s right.

If you skimmed the cover, much like I did the first time, then you may have missed the line that states: Copy Chief of Random House.

And as many of us aspiring authors know, Random House is not some hole in the wall publishing house.

After diving into the first few chapters, I knew I couldn’t put this book down until I had read it through at least once. But, let’s be honest here, I’m probably going to read this thing at least two more times, so I don’t miss anything because, yes, it is that good!

If you are a writer and have finished your manuscript (Woot!!), pick this book up at the library, on audible, on Amazon, where ever you prefer and really give this one a close detailed read-through because it will help polish your work to an extraordinary degree.

Also, the guide covers both fiction and nonfiction elements of writing, so don’t feel like your niche won’t be included because, believe me, they cover just about every question and then some within these 320 pages of editing goodness.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Title: The Way of Kings

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Length: 1008 Pages

Available on Amazon or pretty much anywhere!

So, I just finished this book over the weekend, and “Branderson” outdid himself again. I’ve come to find that epic fantasy isn’t something I love to read but seeing how much I absolutely enjoyed his Mistborn series, I thought I’d give this one a try as well.

It took me a couple weeks to get through the first part of the story, which is insanely long for a quick reader like me but like I said before, epic fantasy and I don’t always agree (but that’s more my fault that the genre). It takes a while to set up the world. However, this is the same author who was asked to finish the Wheel of Time series, so I wasn’t too surprised.

Once, the world was in my grasp, everything exploded off the pages. The characters, the challenges, and even the Branderson endings were as amazing and dare I say ‘epic.’ The author has the readers following a few different characters, all the while leading them closer together across this vast world (and the Cosmere).

Even if you don’t normally read epic fantasy, I highly suggest taking the time to read this one. Give it till at least mid-book before you decide if it’s right for you. And, given how long the book is, that’s about the length of an average novel anyway.

Title: Witch Spelling

Author: A. Woodley

Length: 134 Pages

Available on Amazon for eBook and paperback.

The novel, Witch Spelling, is a cute read with an overarching theme of a 1950’s documentary of a family similar to the TV show Bewitched. The story is divided into chapters about each central family member and some about the prominent members or monsters in the fantasy world. The author takes their time describing the quirks and habits of each character, all while set in a European urban setting. The writing style gives glimpses into the creative nooks of the writer’s brain, giving the readers a vast world hidden just beneath the surface of a setting not too far from our present-day society.

The 1950’s setting comes to mind with the relationship interactions between the male and female characters. Many of the women have their minds on finding a boyfriend with the one unique woman who is career driven. At one point the “light-hearted” uncle critiques the young women on their skirts being too short, though no wardrobe assessments are said about the young men.

Other than the uncle, the rest of the characters seem easy-going and have their moments to shine in the novel. The novella is a cute, wistful read that can make the reader look twice about their own world and give them a spark of wonder in an otherwise mundane reality. 

Check it out now at Amazon!

Title: Blood Drops: A Collection of Horror Shorts

Author: WB Welch

Length: 155 Pages

Available on Amazon for eBook and paperback.

It has been a while since I’ve read a horror novel, but after finishing this collection of short stories, I know now what I’ve been missing! The author drags in unsuspecting readers, kicking and screaming; then, splatters them with tales of gore and thrilling chills, leaving the readers loving every minute. Each story is sprinkled with enticing promises of mischief and mayhem, and makes the tales more delectable with slicing scenes of terrifying antagonists. One of my favorites, Siren, comes from the POV of the murderous mistress and articulates the thrill of the hunt with tremendous eagerness.

Also, I enjoyed reading horror as a collection instead of one long novel. The author did well with sentence structure to express suspense and intrigue in each story. This type of construct gave an overarching feeling of dedication to the craft. The author also did an excellent job of portraying the themes and genre with the cover as well as throughout the stories.

Overall, I really enjoyed the collection of tales that brought about many thrills and chills. I look forward to future works by the author, WB Welch.

Check it out now at Amazon!

Title: Portrait of a Stranger

Authors: Rose Brookins & Mina Petkova

Length: 499 Pages

Available on Amazon for Kindle

From the moment Charlie and Pip meet, they are pulled into the interweaving fate of lovers, even if they don’t realize it. The story is a wonderful novel with a nice slice-of-life overlay that warms your heart with each page. The character interactions play on witty banter with a mix of sincere truths that helped the boys grow to understand and value each other. The authors show many of the hardships and tender moments in the early stages of new relationships whether it’s friend or more. Each chapter brought on new experiences for the main characters and revealed a bit more of their past struggles and ultimately kept me coming back for more.

The authors did an amazing job portraying the struggles of young love intermixed with the harsh realities of self-acceptance. I look forward to reading future works by this writing duo.

Check it out now at Amazon!



Author: Laura Maisano

Length: 202 Pages

Available on Amazon for Kindle

After reading the first line of the book, I knew I’d love it. This was because I had thought those same words many, many times before. From a young age, anime and gaming conventions were a ritualistic part of my life. Picking out costumes, running wild down the dealer room, and posing for pictures from bright-eyed young fans: these have always been the moments con-goers have cherished.

So now, once I found a book that brought that world to life, I couldn’t put it down. Each page was filled with timeless moments spent at con or any of the geekdom that surrounded it. I instantly became enamored with the characters and how they lifted each other higher, and all because, that is the magic of these conventions. We have always known that it’s silly, amazing, and inspiring, but it’s a chance to be ourselves, our best selves, in some form or fashion.

I am ecstatic that someone as talented as Mrs. Maisano brought that geek culture out for the world to enjoy in the form of an adorable novelette.

Check it out now at Amazon!

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