Magazines & Blogs

I have been searching for a good group of online magazines and blogs for awhile now. When I first started my research I found a vast majority of magazines and short story publishers that were looking for fiction. Despite that I do write fiction, I was still new and had not realized just how much the sub genres of fiction matter. After obtaining countless heart wrenching rejections, I decided to refine my search. After a much more thorough investigation I happened on a few good places to start. Hopefully my list will continue to grow, but this is what I have found so far:

Uncanny Magazine


Uncanny Magazine is a Science Fiction and Fantasy online magazine that has everything from short stories to podcasts and everything in between. They offer a wide variety of options to the fiction community for their authors, editors, and readers.


Book Riot


Book Riot is all about being different. They offer a wide variety of book related topics for their audience to check out. Not only can you read their blogs that cover reviews, lists, and much more, but you can also listen to their podcasts or videos from their contributors. Nearly anything and everything concerning books can be found on their site.

Be sure to comment if you think any others should be added to the list. Thanks for reading!


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