This is the official website for the author C.K. Larsen. In 2018, the debut novel, THEME SONG PANIC, was released in eBook format with Print and Audiobook coming soon.

About Theme Song Panic and the Author:

Prowling the edge of shadows, drenched in a writhing nightmare, lies Dax’s greatest fear: Music. If only suffering from Melophobia was the worst thing happening to him, then he’d be okay, right? Nope, not a chance.

Dax remains in constant battle while utilizing every tool possible to keep his musical curse at bay, but earplugs and noise-canceling headphones can only go so far. His mortal enemies, the restaurants, grocery stores, and even ice cream trucks, are dangerous almost to the level of a noob in a first-person shooter game. Even a chiming ringtone could unleash potentially violent magic on the world around him.

He and his best friend, Teddy, are the only ones who know the truth, that is until they find themselves face-to-face with the ancient gods who want his power back. Despite the only deities he’s ever faced coming from video games, Dax chooses to fight against the odds and the lack of resources in an otherwise magicless world, save for himself. Unfortunately, he has spent a better part of his life avoiding his curse and cannot control the power. And even if he can, the catatonic fear from his melophobia could send him back to the place more terrifying than a zombie-infested mansion, a correctional institute, better known as, the Grayhill Asylum.

With help from a local coven and an investigative police officer, Dax learns more about his power and its link to his past, revealing him to be their last hope in a world void of enchantment. He must either prepare to fight and risk his sanity and the lives of those closest to him. Or, enlist their help, which could make him more of a threat than the ancient ones they now face.

THEME SONG PANIC is a Young Adult Fantasy complete at 98,000 words. It placed as a Finalist in the SFF category of the Writers’ League of Texas 2017 Manuscript contest. In addition, as a writer, I have won first place in the Fiction Short Story category in the 2016 On My Own Time contest with the DFW Business Council of the Arts.

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