Writing Advice

To start off, check out these guys:

Writing Excuses


They are a group of writers that cover the main areas of writing and most of the genres. If you have any desire to be a writer or to improve your style, check them out and listen to a few of their podcasts. They are all award winning in their fields and KNOW what they are talking about. I have listened through almost all of their seasons so far and have learned more than I could have dreamed. I knew one of the authors before hand, but I was introduced to their podcasts awhile later and loved it from the start. Please check them out when you have time and the great news is that you only need 15 minutes to listen per podcast. I usually listen to them on my commute to work and it makes the way much more enjoyable.

My next advise is to read/listen (available on audible.com) to this book by the one and only Steven King.

Steven King: On Writing


This is great for aspiring writers. It gives the do’s and don’ts on basic writing as well as some of a biography to show how much of a struggle this career choice can be. It also shows the rewards of staying true to what you love. This portrays the mountain climb of achieving goals in a very real and captivating manner. Personally, I have read some of his horror and his fantasy and I love his fantasy style. It is dark and leaves the reader guessing. This book is a great tool for any beginning author so be sure to check it out!

I will add more books as I find them, or let me know if you have any recommendations.

If you need help during your editing process, be sure to check out this helpful guide!

Title: Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style

Author: Benjamin Dreyer

Length: 320 Pages

Instead of reading my standard fiction book, I decided to go with something that will add to the writing toolbelt.

After reading this book, I felt inspired, rejuvenated, and surprised by either how much I had forgotten or how much has changed since my last grammar class.

So, it has been a while since I’ve read an editing guide and until I researched the author, I wasn’t about to dive into another one of these because let’s face it, how many self-help editing guides come out each year? Yeah…but, as soon as I glanced at the bottom line of the cover, my interest perked up.

That’s right.

If you skimmed the cover, much like I did the first time, then you may have missed the line that states: Copy Chief of Random House.

And as many of us aspiring authors know, Random House is not some hole in the wall publishing house.

After diving into the first few chapters, I knew I couldn’t put this book down until I had read it through at least once. But, let’s be honest here, I’m probably going to read this thing at least two more times, so I don’t miss anything because, yes, it is that good!

If you are a writer and have finished your manuscript (Woot!!), pick this book up at the library, on audible, on Amazon, where ever you prefer and really give this one a close detailed read-through because it will help polish your work to an extraordinary degree.

Also, the guide covers both fiction and nonfiction elements of writing, so don’t feel like your niche won’t be included because, believe me, they cover just about every question and then some within these 320 pages of editing goodness.

Check it out on Amazon here.

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