Weekly Serialization

This month will feature the New Adult Urban Fantasy novel:

The Sanguine Seraph

Novel Serialization by C.K. Larsen

Copyright 2019

Before I dive into the background of the novel, I want to apologize for the sudden change in the story. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know in previous weeks I had announced a YA UF book, Knight of Dragons.

I just wanted to say not to worry. That novel is still in the works, however, my crazy author brain is usually dragged along for the ride when it comes to writing and that novel wasn’t flowing as well for me, especially with the limited time available to make sure I had material ready to present.

Will the novel will be a future serialization or go straight to a published novel? I don’t know. Rest assured that even if we can’t read it now, it will be available in the future. Some novel needs a different approach than the norm and that one was having nothing to do with a weekly deadline for now. 🙂

With that all said, I’m happy to share the synopsis for The Sanguine Seraph:

Katharine de La Motte has studied hard for the last few years to join the local police force. With only one semester remaining and just a few weeks left at the academy, the least of her problems are behind her now, right?

Nope, not a chance.

Once her last midterm is over, Kat is summoned to her family’s main house, or what’s left of it, after receiving an urgent email requesting her presence. Yet, returning to her uncle’s remote manor may be more dangerous than anything from her training.

But that’s because none of the suspects ever had fangs or magic, until now.

As she breaks through the haze of lies surrounding her kin, Kat realizes there is more to the world than meets the eye and finds herself caught in the middle of more than just a familial dispute. With death all around her and the culprit still roaming about, it will take all of Kat’s skill as a future officer to solve the case. However, can she do it all while carrying the weight of her family name and its horde of unending secrets?

And thus begins the journey for Katharine de La Motte:

*Please note this novel is rated for viewers 13+.

Chapter One – Suspect in Sight

Chapter Two Ashley Valette

Chapter ThreeHunting in Shadow

Chapter FourThe Danger of Snapdragons

Chapter FiveClowns and Knights

Chapter SixOne Night, Two Knights

Chapter SevenTruth and Consequences

Chapter EightThe Templar’s Knight

Chapter NineSalt and Pepper

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