Short Stories

Here are a few of my short stories that I have done. Unfortunately, I am still working on my novel , but I will get some quotes up from it. Writing a novel has been a new experience and challenge. I am thus far learning that I am a discovery writer and find outlining per chapter to be helpful. Like many other beginning writers, I had to find my own style and voice along the way with my first novel. I know many other writers struggle with the writing process due to the fact that it is different for everyone. There  are tricks and tips that help, but not every writer uses in-depth outlines, much less outlines at all. There is also a level of discovery writing for each person to find and get comfortable with before the hardcore writing can begin. There are many books, podcasts, and more that are helpful to new writers. Please visit the writers advise page to learn more.

Daddy’s Stories

Broken Life



Solis Chronicles: Just Another Day Off

Night Mother

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