Weekly Update – Better late than never!

It’s about time to reveal Uriel’s true nature. What does it mean? If this is just the beginning of her family’s secrets, can Kat handle what is to come?

Thank you all for your concerns and kindness over the last week. It has been rough but full of silver linings and best case scenarios. If you hadn’t heard, I had a bit of a family emergency the previous week and could update like normal. However, life seems to be falling back into place, so I’m here to give you this weeks chapter of The Sanguine Seraph.

Be sure to check out THE SANGUINE SERAPH here and read a quick blurb from the chapter below:

Kat glanced back at Uriel.

He had paused near one of the entrances and glanced back and forth down the hall. She guessed he was making sure no more knights burst through the doors after them; though to be honest, if that’s really what they were, then was she even on the right side of what was going on?

Weren’t knights usually good guys?

She hesitated, not sure if she really wanted to know the answer. However, she also knew that it was pointless to break down that question with so few answers.

Yet, there was one thing that surfaced to her mind above all else.

“What is he?”

From Chapter Seven – The Sanguine Seraph

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