Weekly Update…it’s been one hell of a week.

Hello everyone.

I guess you noticed the lack of chapter updates this week. Unfortunately, I had a family emergency Wednesday and we are still recovering from it all. However, I do think I will be able to resume chapter updates next week. The book reviews will probably start back up the following week as I did not have a chance to finish reading it yet.

I hope your week has been much less eventful or at least I hope it has been good eventful. As it is, I’m having to play catch up with many different areas of my life. I didn’t think so much could go wrong in three days, but it seems once one plate fell, they all began to topple at once. 😵

To help spread some positivity, tell me something awesome that happened to you recently in the comments section below!

Mine is that I was voted in as the Communications Lead for the Writers Guild of Texas! I am super excited to work with such a fabulous group of individuals and help promote literacy and writing within the DFW area.


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