“The Order…of Malta?” – Weekly Serialization Update

Hello everyone!

We are jumping into chapter six now and things are starting to heat up. Knights are attacking, but why and what are they after? Kat and the others are only beginning to understand just how serious the situation has become, so let’s read and find out if they can survive the night:

“I know them,” Kat whispered.
Uriel gave her a puzzled glance. “How?”
“They were on the train the other night. They were looking for a woman, named Ashley something.”
The wannabe vampire glanced at her and rolled his shoulders. “Come on.”
Uriel slipped into the room and crouched behind a group of chairs. Kat followed suit and knelt beside him.
“What’s the plan?” she said as she caught sight of Walter.
He and a few of the maids stood opposite of the two men. Walter was the only one with a weapon. He held the poker out, but his hands already started to shake. She didn’t see any blood on him, but the men didn’t appear to be taking his defense seriously as they missed several opportunities to sneak in a fatal attack.
“Time is running out,” said the closest knight to him. “If you still refuse to answer, then we will end this now.”
The two knights lunged forward. Their swords rang out in a swinging arc.
Walter pushed the maids behind him, avoiding the attack. Kat could see sweat beading down his forehead.
It would be over quick.

Excerpt from Chapter Six: One Night, Two Knights

Check it out here.

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