“Your blood will free me this night…”- Weekly Serialization Update

Chapter Five is already here!

I can’t believe I’ve been updating this for over a month now and still going strong. As a pantser writer, outlining and organizing scenes beforehand can be quite a challenge, but overall it has been too bad. I’m really enjoying the story and hope you’ll find it equally as intriguing. Here is an excerpt from the latest chapter:

Kat stared at him, still gripping her knife. She didn’t stare because she thought he was an actual vampire, but more, she was trying to figure out why he had employed such a youthful scare tactic. The perp must have known that type of Halloween setup wouldn’t actually scare her.
He caught the bewildered confusion in her eyes. “That’s right.” The wannabe vampire flashed his teeth in a triumphant grin. “Your blood will free me this night, and I shall take revenge on this house.” He leaned in closer. His eyes glittered like the low burning flame from a candle.
Kat had enough of his party tricks. She kneed him in the gut and rolled away from his grasp. The man coughed but still lunged after her. His fingers dug into her wrists trapping her to the cold marble floor. “Do you think you can really beat me?”
“Depends on if you start making balloon animals, too.” Kat chuckled between her gritted teeth.  “You should’ve picked a clown to dress up as instead of some lame blood-sucker. Creepy clowns are much more scary.”
“Hmm.” He gave a small, eerie smile, then lowered his fangs to her neck. “Maybe I can make you believe me in another way.”

—The Sanguine Seraph: Chapter Five

Check out the The Sanguine Seraph here.

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