Update & Book Review

So, for the past few weeks I have been working on my consistency in my writing and updating my website. Today made it a bit tougher to keep to my word with an unplanned doctor visit and issues surrounding it. Things are not crashing into a fiery heap of doom, so that’s good. But, in the coming months, I may not be able to be as diligent with my updates. I will keep posting chapters for my free novel serialization each week (unless things take a drastic shift). However, book reviews will have to be when I can for the next little while. I will still try to review and post them weekly, but I just wanted to give a heads-up in case there is radio silence or inconsistencies in the future.

Thanks for understanding!! ❤

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite authors: Jim Butcher. He has a few fantasy novels out that I have immensely enjoyed over the years. The Dresden Files Series has become a staple in the Urban Fantasy genre with its compelling characters, exciting plots, and ghoulish paranormal themes.

With over a dozen books in this series and each more enticing than the last, Butcher still manages to bring about impressive elements with each new novel.

In particular, I enjoy how he weaves in a well-rounded group of secondary protagonists that adds a nice zing to the plot. The main character, Harry Dresden, feels almost like a 1920’s gumshoe investigating some heist or local murder, yet doing so with a wizard’s staff and a rather large revolver.

However, over the last few years, the author has been facing a large amount of backlash and hate from his fans due to the inconsistency (hmm, there’s that word again) with the release of his latest book. In previous years, Butcher was able to deliver his novels on a yearly basis, which was a faster than average pace for most novel-length fantasy authors. We (his fans) very much appreciated this flow of Dresden’s adventures, but, over the last four years, the author hit a rough patch in his real life. These events postponed the newly anticipated book, Peace Talks. (I find much irony in the name with the amount of hate thrown at him for not releasing it, yet.)

I’ve heard of fans demanding books, like with George R.R. Martin’s fan base, but this still boggles my mind that someone would lash out at another person they admire. And, in a way I get it, we are all excited to see what happens next, but I never thought threatening someone would get the job done, or even faster. Trust me. I’ve known enough writers and artists to know that anything short of a hot chocolate combo with a fluffy pillow and fuzzy socks, just won’t work, and sometimes not even that!

So, with all of that said, just remember that writers are timid, fragile creatures that deserve our love and compassion. Always give them chocolate, but never after midnight!

Please tell your writers how much you appreciate them! 😁✨

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