Sneak Preview

Here is a special peek at my latest project. I write often and the road to publishing is more of a marathon, which doesn’t allow for quick turnover. So, I’ve decided to start a serial story!

Ideally, the narrative will start March 1st and will update each Friday after that for the next 25-35 weeks. Because this is the unofficial announcement, some of this information may change at the initial release date. But, don’t worry! I will be sure to keep everyone up-to-date if any early changes should arise.

The story will be a New Adult Urban Fantasy serialization with the main character whose world will soon be turned upside down. In the coming weeks, I will post a quick a synopsis as well as character bios and other fun tidbits before the launch date.

Copyright of C.K. Larsen 2019

I look forward to questing out on this amazing adventure with you!

“May your path be free and your skies clear.”

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