The Wonder Writers #DVPit Workshop of – err, Wonder.

Check this out!!!

Wonder Writers

Here at Wonder Writers, we’re absolutely, positively 100% determined to support marginalised writers.


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(Actual footage of us at work.)

We can’t say it enough. And by diverse books we mean diverse. Written by writers from all walks of life.

With this in mind, we’ll be running a free workshop where you can post your pitches to hone your skills and receive feed back ready for #DVPit. Simply post your #DVPit pitch in the comments below and we’ll give feedback on each one.

We’ll also randomly chose one lucky writer to win a free query critique!

What’s the catch? Simple. For every pitch you post we want you to give feedback on at least two other pitches. What could be better than writers helping other writers?

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(We’d also love it if you followed us on Twitter and shared our tweets,  sharing is caring – apparently.)

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To ensure…

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