Gender Identity: Listening to the Spirit

Many topics cause controversy between the generations, however one that I hope to clear up for a few folks is Gender Identity. 

Over the centuries, humans have shifted through different aspects of humanity. The focus until recent times has been the physical (biological), however in the past spiritual and mental prowess took the lead. Knowing this helps to identify a major problem between the groups that believe gender identity is or is not a choice. 

From the pre-millennial era, the focus of humanity pertained to the physical aspect, thus biology as a dominant factor. However, the newer generations are branching out into the spiritual aspect with regards to identity as a person. This is not a new category which has been used for thousands of years by other cultures to determine one’s humanity. Many native and tribal cultures revered a person who felt a closer connection with a different or both genders. They were seen as spiritually gifted and often times became the people’s healer or shaman. 

With this is mind, it is easy to see why older generations for the most part do not understand why the younger generation feels the need to choose their identity. It is not a solely biological representation, but a combination of body, mind, and soul. 

Hopefully, this will lead the world into a new era of understanding and compassion. It will re-teach us what it truly means to be human. 

(Disclaimer: This is my personal information on the subject of gender identity. I use this post to offer aid and insight into a controversial topic in hopes of bringing people together in understanding.)

Two Spirit


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