Exciting News!

Theme Song Panic happens to be the name of the current novel that I am seeking for representation. I have entered a few contests in the pasts with only a sprinkle of success. I finally have another notch of my belt with the Writers’ League of Texas. 

For the last three years, I have participated in the Manuscript Contest with the WLT. Each time my main goal remained the same. Use the feedback to improve my writing, find my weakness. It didn’t register that I could be on the list of writers to actually place. However, this year, to my joy and amazement, I ranked on the list of finalists for the SciFi/Fantasy category! 

This came at a perfect time too. I was already in the dreaded writer’s slump. Self doubt is a pain, especially for writers. So now, with a tiny more confidence, I can continue to seek representation with agents and try to counter the raging tsunami of writer doubt.

Check out this year’s winners!

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