Highland Amazon

How do you tell someone they should not stand

On the edge of the knife and that you understand

Their pain, anguish, depression? That firsthand

You know what it’s like in that false dreamland

Of standards that are held by a group that should be disband

Of fake people that we should never hold as grand;

You are beautiful and perfect, but there you stand,

Still on the edge looking over to the wonderland;

Can I save you? Can I ever explain that you misunderstand,

That you are really amazing, beautiful, talented, and

The most important person within your life strand?

Could a song, a poem, a word of free hand

Show you just how important you are in this wasteland?

The world in all of its glory is just a trap of quicksand

And it has you with in its blood drenched claws of command

Telling you to not be who you are, but I don’t understand,

Why you should ever listen to anyone who can’t expand

And see you for who we really are; they misunderstand

The power you possess and I see it now, glowing and expand

To stretch across the land; you, the courageous warrior, brand

To be fearless and powerful no matter your foes demand;

I see you now as the shining amazon with firebrand

Across your heart and blazing stars that crash-land

Into the souls that dwell in the pools of your eyes; withstand

The cowards, thieves, and ruffians that prey on your heartland

And know that forever more you will be in command;

Step back from that bladed edge of the falling sand

And know that the world would be dim without you here to stand.

-Courtney Larsen (11/15/13)

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