The Lusty Parks of Ohio

“It is proposed to use this donation to purchase new wenches for our park as the present old ones are in a very dilapidated state”-Carrolton Chronicle, Ohio 


The Lusty Parks of Ohio

Go forth my lusty wenches! The old streets are cold,

But the night is so young; go now to the Velvet Tango

Room, to the bearer of hasty men; there among,

I beckon you, to go onward with paths of shadow.

Go forth my lusty wenches! They should not scold,

For they see your ripe beauty and haggard glow.

Bargain the best of bill, for I know of your skilled tongue

To haggle a deal with your hasty, willing bedfellow.

Go forth my lusty wenches! Anyone undersold,

Will find untold pain beyond the day tomorrow.

Tell them now of a donation ensued and strung

To bring in new women of luscious beauty to bestow.

Go forth my lusty wenches! In silence you strolled

Through the pine dotted parks of the frosted Ohio.

Remember how you came here to be, still ever clung

To ideas of freedom, never seeing the bondage by woe.

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