Wolf Brother

Wolf Brother

Over dunes of opal white, running,

Cunning, flowing through the night,

Snow falls as softened rabbit tufts,

Churning waves of windswept fluff;

Clouds of breath, foaming sea of pines,

Hunger drives us, scent eludes us,

Howling silence drowns the world;

Refreshing splash of euphoric scent,

Turning dash, nostrils flare, we fly

To the lusty fragrance; fresh elk soon,

We feast, first in one moon’s life,

With teeth as though gleaming knives;

Each morsel savored and drops so pure,

They swim to a blooming moon;

A shadowed red land dispels the gloom,

Joyous souls rise to sing as one,

To bathe a frozen land of stars;

A roaring blast, pierces like frosted glass,

Signaling the bliss as come to pass,

Brothers scatter while sisters scamper;

Bared fangs and marked souls to protect,

A lone one waits, forgoing the saving breath,

While loved ones flee from hallowed eyes,

Nature’s irony as the hunter dies.

–Courtney Larsen (9/10/13)

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